Alco-Lite Fire Ladder Rung Replacement

Only Alco-Lite Ladders are field repairable using commonly found tools
no welding needed!

Do not replace rung if side rail has been damaged.
Contact ALCO-LITE for repair options.
Required Materials
  • Wood 2 X 4 wider than the inside width of the ladder
  • Replacement mng, bushings, and spanners
  • Hacksaw
  • Two wrenches large enough to fit 3/4″ nuts
  • Hammer
  • 3/4″ threaded rod X 3′–0″ long
  • Two 3/4″ hex nuts (Grade 8)
  • Two 3/4″ flat washers
  • Motor oil (to be used as a lubricant)
  • Saw for cutting wood
  • Flat bladed screw driver
  • Lay ladder section with damaged runs on two saw horses or other suitable supports.
  • Clamp or secure the ladder to the support(s)
  • Cut out portion of damaged rung between ladder side rails. The cut should be made about 1″ from the side rail.
  • Insert hacksaw blade between inside rail.
  • After removing the bushing, carefully saw almost through the rung, being careful to stop before cutting into the side rail. Tap the rung out of the side rail.
  • Repeat process on the other rung end.
  • Measure the length the 2 X 4 is to be cut- as shown m Illustration “3”. Cut 2 X 4 to this length.
  • To cut rung to required length, measme through a good rung on the ladder section and add 1/4″. After cutting rung to required length, file inside of rung.
  • Put replacement rung through ladder side rails.
  • Squirt or brush oil in each end of the rung.
  • Make sure rung sticks out equally on each side of the ladder.
  • Push replacement bushings into the end of the rungs by band.
  • Insert steel spanners into bushing until shoulder is against bushing.
  • Hand tighten the nuts against the spanners.
  • Check to make sure the rung is still sticking out equally on each side.
  • Lubricate the bushings with oil. This must be done periodically throughout the tightening process.
  • Push the bushings into the rungs by tightening the nuts. Make sure the 2 X 4 is held in place and the rung sticks out equally on each side. Note: The bushing may not be pushed in at the same rate.
  • Continue tightening until both bushings are fully pushed m and flush with the end of 1he rung. 
  • Loosen the nut and completely remove it from the threaded rod.
  • Pull threaded rod through the ladder and remove the spanner from inside the bushings.
  • Remove 2 X 4.
  • Wipe off excess oil.
  • Replace other rungs if needed.
  • Ladder section is ready to be reassembled and put back into service.