Combination Ladder

Ease of operation as a step or extension ladder

Combination Ladder

Two ladders in one—stepladder or extension ladder

ALCO-LITE™ combination ladders are functionally engineered for ease of operation as a step or extension ladder.  Ideal for spanning fences, accessing windows, or as a self-supporting ladder set-up in the center of a room to access smoke detectors.

  • Field repairable with factory parts
  • Converts easily to extension ladder or “A” ladder
  • Spanning fences, accessing windows, or as a self-supporting ladder to access smoke detectors
  • Accessible from both sides
  • Safety shoes standard on all combination ladders
  • Special heavy-duty “A” bracket allows for quick easy set-up
  • Meets/exceeds N.F.P.A. 1931 standard
  • Compact design is easy to maneuver in tight hallways and stairwells

CJL Series Fire Ladder Specifications

Aluminum Combination Ladder

ModelClosed LengthHeight in "A" PositionWidth in "A" PositionWidthBanking ThicknessWeight in lbs.

$158 additional charge on dimensional changes

Replacement Parts

All Alco-Lite brand fire ladders are constructed with field repairable parts.  You won’t need any special tools or highly trained professionals to replace any part from rungs to halyard, shoes to roof hooks. Call us at 1-800-752-2526 or right here on the website and we will be happy to get you the parts you need to get your ladder back on the truck! 

Fly-In Fly-Out

Always use extension ladders in a fly-out position.

Some departments want to position their extension ladder in the fly-in configuration. In order to do so, the ladder must be designed accordingly, or else the hardware can present a tripping hazard.

All ALCO-LITE® ladders are designed for use (in the) fly-out position as specified in IFSTA and the NFPA 1932 Standard 5.2.2.

Rung Replacement

Rung replacement made easy!

No special tools required. Click to Watch Video.

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