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Boom Ladders

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fire truck boom ladder

ALCO-LITE™ engineered telescoping boom ladders have been the standard ladder of choice for many fire apparatus manufacturers for decades. Manufactured to exact standards to ensure proper integration with all kinds of equipment. We will be happy to produce custom ladders to your specifications or have our engineers design one for you. Either way, you will be assured of getting ALCO-LITE™ quality that’s delivered on time

  • Booms up to 5 sections, 100 ft
  • Fixed or fold down handrails
  • Meets/exceeds N.F.P.A. 1931 standard
  • Field repairable with factory parts
fire truck boom ladder

Fly-In Fly-Out Positions

Always use extension ladders in a fly-out position.

Some departments want to position their extension ladder in the fly-in configuration. In order to do so, the ladder must be designed accordingly, or else the hardware can present a tripping hazard.

All ALCO-LITE® ladders are designed for use (in the) fly-out position as specified in IFSTA and the NFPA 1932 Standard 5.2.2.

Rung Replacement

Rung replacement made easy!

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