Correct Ladder Usage

Even the sturdiest, best-engineered piece of equipment must be properly used for maximum safety. The following recommendations will help you obtain maximum service and safety from your ALCO- LITE® fire department ground ladders. These are only a few of the items you need to be aware of in using, inspecting, and testing your ALCO-LITE® fire department ground ladders. For additional information on proper usage, inspection, and testing, please refer to the current NFPA 1932 standard and the IFSTA fire department ground ladder standard. Those practices permitted in BOTH standards are recommended, and their safety procedures must be obeyed.

One of the most vital areas of ladder safety is the correct placement angle of your ladder. This illustration shows the exact method for proper placement of ladders of varying lengths. With this method, the ladder is placed against the vertical plane (wall, etc.) at a 75-1/2 degree angle.

A simple formula for correct placement is to position the bottom of the ladder at a distance from the vertical plane equal to 1/4 the total working length of the ladder. At this angle, your ladder will give the best service and maximum strength.

Correct Placement (distance from supporting wall):
Total working length of the ladder divided by 4