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Pumper Wall Ladders
ALCO-LITE™ PWL-6 was designed to access first floor windows without the added length to get in your way.
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Double Roof Hook Ladder
ALCO-LITE™ DRL ladders are the same great pumper style rail roof ladders you have come to love but with the addition of roof hooks and butt spurs on both ends.
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Compact Pumper Ladders
ALCO-LITE™ PEL3 ladders are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards for use on general fire fighting trucks and pumper trucks
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Combination Ladders
ALCO-LITE™ combination ladders are functionally engineered for ease of operation as a step or extension ladder. Ideal for spanning fences, accessing windows or as a self-supporting ladder set up in the center of a room
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Boom Ladders
ALCO-LITE™ engineered telescoping boom ladders have been the standard ladder of choice for many fire apparatus manufacturers for decades.
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Pumper Ladders
ALCO-LITE™ pumper ladders have been the standard in the industry since 1930. Engineered and manufactured to exacting standards for use on general fire fighting trucks and pumper trucks
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Rung Replacement

Rung replacement made easy!

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Industry’s Fastest Lead Times

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Meet “SKIP”

Hi! My name is Skip, and I am the new mascot for Alco-Lite fire ladders.  While I may be new to Alco-Lite, myself and my fellow dalmatians have been a part of the fire service for as long as there was a fire service. 

Originally, we were bred as stable guards and carriage dogs because we helped to calm the horses. It was this unique talent that brought us into the fire service back when wagons were pulled by teams of horses. We can credit the FDNY for giving us our foothold in the fire service. They began using dalmatians in the 1870s. Not only could we help to keep the team calm under stress we would run alongside the carriage to prevent anything disturbing the truck as it rolled into the fire. 

 While fire trucks are no longer pulled by horses, dalmatians are often used in fire safety education. In my role with Alco-Lite you can count on me to give you advice on the best practices from the fire field. Not only am I handsome, I have a long understanding of the challenges that face my front-line folks and aspire every day to keep you and your brethren safe on the fire line. Have any questions? Feel free to click me and ask – I will be happy to help you get the answers you need.